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Keywords are for Humans Not Search Engines

Keywords are for humans not search engines It looks keywords are deciding the top search engine optimization list over and over again. The problem is that a few optimizers don’t realize the legitimate role of keywords. Keywords shouldn’t be exclusively implanted for the aim of getting to the top of SEs. Search Engine Optimization shouldn’t […]

Top Tips to get listed in Dmoz Directory

Since there has been alot of talk with you guys on how to submit to Dmoz ill give a couple of steps that i do in the Directory submission. First things first , check your site to make sure its of the highest quality it can be, I.e no broken links anywhere, all content is […]

Removing Reported Attack Site from your website

Ive seen alot of forum posts lately with webmasters asking how they can remove the dreaded “Reported Attack site” Warning on their sites. Many because their site has been Hacked and a malicious script had been installed by the hacker, After searching google it took me a while to find a sensible answer, alot of […]

What I think Google should add.

Having spent hours as others do trying my best to improve SERPS I got to thinking that Google should change a few things, not just to help website owners but also to assist people searching. Ok, alot of what we want to find we can sometimes get recommendation, but say you cant. Its fair to […]

Should we always do as the experts say?

In most, if not all areas of business there are the experts that we should all listen to and heed the advise that they give. Then you get the occasional business person who has their own ideas which go against what all the experts say will work. They ignore that and pursue their ideas and […]

Random Thought!

As I laid in my bed this weekend feeling very sorry for myself (well I did have Man Flu!”) the strangest thought entered my mind…. You know when you speak to someone on the phone or even converse on a Forum, for some reason you create a picture of the person you are talking to […]

Too Much Hosting Choice?

Too Much Hosting Choice? Today‚Äôs Internet is flooded with Hosting Providers offering a wide array of Hosting choices. So who do you choose and what should you look for? Experience tells us that generally the free providers are not a good choice if you want to host a site that is important to you, as […]

What is SEO?

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is a tricky subject. When to start to research it you realise that there are so many different views and ideas on what are and are not the best methods. Just as you think you have understood it you read another Blog or Article that blows what you believe to […]

TriPHP Blog now open!

Welcome to TriPHP Blog. Finally I have got round to installing this. I hope this will prove a valuable addition the the rest of the TriPHP site. Your comments,views,suggestions and input will be very much appreciated. TriPHP Blog will become more useful the more the database grows. Please let others know about this Blog by […]