Author: George

How to Build Authority Backlinks for Your Site

What are Authority Backlinks? Authority backlinks are links pointing to your site from websites considered to have high authority. Usually, these are websites which have a high page rank, huge traffic (and hence high Alexa Rank) and consist of user-generated content. Some people say that leaving your link on an inner page of a high […]

What I like in WordPress 2.8

WordPress 2.8 is out and every WordPress blogger and his dog are talking about it. But, in reality, what difference does it make to any WordPress blog owner?  What’s new in WP that will make blogging easier? Why should they upgrade? Aside from upgrading for security purposes (fixing and patching old bugs and vulnerabilities), here […]

An Easy Way to Customize Any WordPress Theme

First things first: the method I am about to describe below is best suited for lightweight changes and customizations to your WordPress themes. You do need to be able to read a bit of code but you don’t really need be be able to program. Tools you need Firefox browser Firebug plugin for Firefox Text […]

Outsource or Not? 7 Criteria to Help you Decide

Whether you own a company (online or offline) or whether you work on your own as a freelancer there is always a time when you have to decide if you will undertake a particular part of a project or task you need to complete. In other words, you need to decide if you will outsource […]

New owner – new information

Hello everyone! George here, the new owner of This is my first post since I’ve taken over this blog from John and my promise is to provide fresh and useful content to my readers on a regular basis. If you want to learn more about me, head over to this page. My goal is […]