Author: John Eeles

Fimusy-Music Search Engine

I just love this site. The best bit is that its FREE! What does it do? Well quite simple really, say you want to find out about an artist or band or find some of their music, you just type the band name into the search box hit go and you are presented with a […]

How To Read Site Statistics

Just about everyone keeps track of certain statistics and actions taken by their website visitors in one form or another- and if you don’t you should start. Statistical platforms such as AwStats are usually included within your hosting control panel, but to gather the most information from your visitors, more is needed. In my recent […]

10 Firefox Themes worth looking at.

Are you using FireFox? If so are you using the same old default theme? Did you know that you can get customised themes? These are 10 that i think are a few of the best to choose from. NASA Night Launch This theme is for people who like it dark. If you’re running a dark […]

Twitter cleaning out spammers .

Twitter recently announced its intentions to clean out spammers. For some time, the follower and following counts we display have been incorrect for some folks. We’re soon to push a change that will address this issue. This means that the count you see in your sidebar should match what you see on your follower and […]

Article Marketing Secrets

Introduction to Article Marketing Admittedly, article marketing may sound like something complicated, but on a very basic level, it really isn’t. The one and only aim of article marketing is to get visitors to visit your website through the backlink of a submitted article. Of course, in order to successfully do that, it isn’t enough […]

A no nonsense guide to Twitter Traffic.

Use Twitter to build relationships. A no nonsense guide to Twitter Traffic. The purpose of this guide is to show you how to use twitter to build relationships, build your following, and at the same time drive quality free traffic to your blog. Learn: * How to build your following * Search by tweet keywords […]

20 Twitter Templates

Twitter can help boost your profile and your business. You’ll gain followers and an audience that is all your own. Using Twitter combines all the bet parts of blogging with the best bits of getting in touch with people and when it is used properly it can become one of the best tools in your […]

Twitter and WordPress

Unleash the power of Twitter and WordPress to multiply your traffic. Discover the tools and tips to maximize your traffic from these two great tools. * Increase your blog readers * Use Twitter to know what content your readers are craving Leverage the power of these tools through automation to save you time There are […]

New Tool Aiming To Fight Click Fraud

Click Forensics has introduced a new tool to help marketers combat click fraud. The new tool is called “Block List” Standard click fraud detection mechanisms employ various anomaly detection rules. 1,000 clicks from the same visitor in the span of a minute, or an hour, or week, is a traffic anomaly that’s easy to find. […]

Link Manager

Here is a nice new Addition to the JWR Media WordPress Plugin section. Link Manager. An easy to install and use plugin that allows you to easily manage links in your WordPress site. INSTALLATION 1) Upload this directory into wp-content/plugins folder 2) Go to admin area into Plugins section and activate plugin 3) To manage […]

Google vs Bing?

It has long been the case when considering SEO to target Google but with recent statistics show that its maybe time to consider more effort towards its newest rival Bing Bing, according to Microsoft , recorded an 8% rise in unique traffic for June, a survey carried out also saw recommendations doubled. StatCounter figures also […]

Flippa-The new Sitepoint Marketplace

Ok so Flippa is a few weeks old now and is the new Sitepoint Marketplace and I for one dont like it. Since the change it seems that the quality of sites for sale has dropped dramatically, but could this be the trend as DP seem to be suffering the same fate? Sitepoints Marketplace however […]