Author: John Eeles

Ajax pages and SEO

We all know the importance of Optimising our site for Search Engines, typically ensuring we use the right keyword density, number of keywords, content etc… Asynchronous JavaScript and XML or AJAX as it is more commanly know as is a great way to make a more dynamic and interactive site. When a search engine send […]

A Nobel Peace Prize for Twitter?

I had to laugh when I read about this! Yes you read the headline correctly…A Nobel Peace Prize for Twitter? This is from the Christian Science Monitor website. A quote from which is… Without Twitter, the world might have known little more than a losing candidate accusing the powers that be of alleged fraud. Without […]

Serious payday for FaceBook Employees?

I just read about the Russian Investment firm Digital Sky Technologies who are wanting to buy $100 million of common stock from employees. I guess a spending spree or two may occur. The $14.77 a share that they are offering would value the company at $6.5 billion and would give Digital Sky Technologies a 3.5 […]

Google training available online

I am interested to see what the latest Google online training Webinars have to offer and I would recommend that any one who uses adwords makes a note of the dates and does the same. Google Webinars The Google AdWords team run regular webinars on a variety of topics which you can attend for free. […]

eBay Starting to Slide?

I see alot of recent reports lately about eBay loosing huge amounts of traffic and very quickly too! I have to say that from my own experiences and those of others that I have heard about, this comes as no big surprise to me. Indeed my first dealings with them started very well, I was […]

Error Pages And SEO

Many times, website owners will spend so much time focusing on what they want their visitors to see, they forget about optimizing what they don’t expect their visitors to see. In recent weeks, I’ve seen several mishandled 404s, but one theme seems to return “200 OK” codes to search engine crawlers for 404 pages. The […]

What's Going On In April

Well friends, another month has passed so it’s time for a new site update. As usual, a lot has been going on over the past few weeks. My goal for this site was to improve my Alexa rank for to under 200,000 by April 1. Well, as of today the current rank is 186,553! […]

Apple Wants To Own The Term "Pod"

With the tremendous success of Apple’s iPod brand comes many who wish to piggyback on the branding by using part or all of its name in their website addresses or business names- but is Apple going too far? With an estimated 600 companies using the word “pod” in their name, Apple is cracking down on […]

Google SEO- Past, Present & Future

The way search engines work is changing very rapidly. I have created this video to discuss a little bit about how Google has ranked websites in the past, some of the methods used by Google to calculate where your website ranks today, and where I see Google going in the near future. Organic search engine […]

iPhones & iPods Banned At Bill Gates' House

While the popularity of Apple’s iPhones and iPods continue to rise with millions of units sold, there is one place you’re sure not to find either: Bill Gates’ house. That’s right- Bill Gates’ home in Washington State is “Apple-free”. This family rule is a tough pill to swallow for his three children, ages 12, 9 […]

What's Going On In February

If you haven’t yet participated in the Win Big Bucks With JWRmedia contest, I suggest you take a look at it. To summarize, $5 is added to the prize pool every time someone writes a post on their blog about the contest! The prize money will keep going up to a maximum of $750! As […]

Don't Be A Make Money Online Wannabe

I am so sick and tired of seeing blogs titled or themed around “make money online”! How many of these blogs do we need!? Don’t you think the market is already flooded with those type of blogs already? And for those of you who spend all your time reading these blogs as if they were […]