Author: John Eeles

WordPress Customization, Optimization & SEO

For those of you who visit regularly, you may have noticed some recent cosmetic changes to this blog. These are just preliminary and will most likely be tweaked several times before I complete the new images and CSS file. The truth is, most of the redesign has been going on “behind the scenes”. < ?php […]

Promoting Your Blog's RSS Feed

Over the past five years or so, RSS feeds have become very popular- especially amongst blog owners. At first, the new technology seemed so great that everyone did their absolute best to promote subscriptions to their RSS feed. While web enthusiasts will continue to use RSS feeds as a helpful tool, there are a variety […]

Don't Wait On Domain Name Propagation

Since I usually flip at least a few websites each month, I’m continuously acquiring domain names, setting up and removing hosting accounts. I prefer to design each website online rather than on my local computer, but I don’t want visitors or search engine spiders to find the site until it’s completely finished. How do I […]