10 Of The Most Stunning Business Card Designs

Business cards are not just there to let people know your name and number. They are now a representation of your brand so it is important that you put a lot of effort into the design of these cards. Think about it, business cards are often the first part of your branding that a potential client is going to see, so you need to make sure that they are impressed. Here are 10 of the most stunning business card designs that we have come across:



This is one of my favourite designs for a business card ever as it’s just so creative. These are for a creative company and the simplicity and elegance of the cards is what makes them so great. The cards feature a caricature of the people at the company too.


Acme estudio

These cards are a great example of cut-outs used correctly when it comes to business cards. The cards look stunning and the cut-out really adds to the theme of the business and helps to create a great first impression.


Handmade Cafe

These business cards have been featured a lot on the internet and it is because they are just so great. They are extremely simple and we absolutely love the brown colour of them. Brown and white are the only colours used which helps to create a bold effect.


Sandrine Abraham

We absolutely love these business cards as they are designed like tags. These really stand out amongst the crowd and will create a great first impression at any networking event or when given to anyone you meet.




Mogibo’s business cards are for a character design company and what better way to show off their services than to use them on their business cards. The characters on the Mogibo business cards look stunning.




We absolutely love these business cards and they suit the nature of the business perfectly. These business cards for a building company feature a pop-up design that looks great. A great show-off piece.


Jolly Roger


We’ve seen these pop up online a few times and the design is just as great every time we see them. It is clear, bold and colourful and will almost certainly make a great first impression. The purple colour that is used on the cards creates a great brand image.



These cards are very simple in terms of their design and use very well thought out colours to achieve the desired look. They are very unobtrusive and they have a nice effect with the rounded edges.


Dale Edwin Murray

These cards are very simple but also very creative. They use bold colours once again and have a really cool/funny design where it appears to be a hand grabbing a “blob man”. Simplicity and elegance is what sets these apart from the crowd.


Culinary Culture

These business cards use the letterpress system to create a really cool effect. They are crisp and solid and use great colours too. All in all, these are a super business card design.


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