9 Websites That Can Save You Money

Due to the credit crunch many people are trying to cut down their expenditures and up in their income, so we have came up with a blog post that’ll give you ten websites that could potentially save you money online and offline. Hopefully this will prove useful and help you in your venture to cutting costs.

1. USwitch


USwitch is a comprehensive site that offers comparisons of utilities, money, insurance, and communication. After providing you with information, you can apply to switch from your current provider. To make sure you get news of the most current deals, you can follow them via Twitter, Facebook, or their blog.

2. This is Money


This is Money is a full service website that offers links to deals, blogs by opinions and experts, and news. You can find information on subjects such as the market, investing, savings & banking, credit & loans, mortgages & homes, insurance, pension, bargains & rip-offs, tax, and work.

3. Money Saving Expert

Money Saving Expert

Money Saving Expert offers an ad-free comparison shopping experience. They have sections on tips, blogs, and forums. Their main areas of expertise are credit cards, shopping, deals & vouches, phone & utilities, banking & saving, travel & motoring, insurance, mortgages & home, income & family, and a news centre.

4. Send Money Home
Send Money Home

Send Money Home offers a one-stop shop for finding and comparing the best deals on sending money overseas. They offer information on fees, exchange rates, speed, and method of transfer.

5. Confused


Confused offers comparisons on the following services: insurance, utilities, money, and travel. The site is user friendly, with the ability to create an account to save your information for later visits.

6. Money Net

Money Net

Money Net is a website where you can research thousands of financial services quickly. They offer a program called Moneynet Rewards where you get money for introducing friends, complete offers, shopping, and posting new deals.

7. AA Check

AA Check

Although this website isn’t free, they only charge £20 a time or £25 for five cars, to check to make sure the used car you are interested in buying isn’t stolen, has an outstanding loan agreement, been scrapped, or has in an accident.

8. FreeCycle


Freecycle matches unwanted items with individuals that need them or want them. You list the things that you no longer want and people will email you to take them off your hands. On the other side, you can get items for free that others no longer need.

9. Act On CO2

Act on O2

After filling out a short survey, they will estimate your carbon footprint and then give you ideas on how to reduce it. By reducing your carbon foot print, you also end up saving money. For example, by drying your clothes on a clothes line, you reduce the energy you use, plus lower your electric bill.

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