Essential Google Chrome Extensions for Web Designs and Developers

Google Chrome is one of the browsers that is often used by web designers these days as it has seen a speedy gain to popularity. This is partly because of the number of extensions that are out there for the browser which can be extremely useful. If you are a website designer and developer, you will probably rely on extensions to make your life a bit easier when it comes to finding a few things out and the good news is that Google Chrome has got a tonne of extensions out there.

Google Chrome extensions will really make your life a lot easier as a website designer or developer as you will be able to do things at the drop of a hat that you wouldn’t usually be able to do in a browser. We’ve rounded up some of the most essential Chrome extensions for website designers there is.


Eye Dropper

EyeDropper Extension for Chrome

This is an extremely simple extension but it will be extremely useful for any website designers out there. There will be a lot of times when you see a website and wonder exactly what colours are being used. Of course, you could just analyse the HTML but that can be time consuming. A much easier way would be to actually be able to use an eye dropper tool similar to in Photoshop to see the exact RBG value of the colour.

Eye dropper is an extension that does exactly this. All you have to do is to quickly install the extension on to Chrome and then, you will have a fully featured Eye Dropper tool that will allow you to see the colour value of any element on any website. It will also allow you to select colours from the advanced colour picker if you like. This is the fastest method out there for picking colours from web pages and will save you a lot of time when it comes to your designs.


Resolution Test

Resolution Test Extension for Chrome

As a website developer, you will be responsible for making sure that your websites actually work on the varying number of browsers and screens that are out there. This is quite a task as there are a lot of different sized screens and resolutions out there that are used by thousands of people each day. The Resolution test is an extremely useful extension when it comes to this as it actually changes the size of the browser window. This will allow you as a developer to see exactly what your website will look like on screens of different resolutions.

There are a lot of built in resolutions that you can test your website with and you can also resize the window to a custom resolution if you wish. This tool will allow you to really make sure that your website looks great on all of the varying computer screen resolutions out there and will ensure that the website you have created is user friendly. Once again, this extension can be installed in a matter of seconds.



Plainclothes Extension for Chrome

The website these days is a place where CSS stylesheets have completely taken over. You will hardly ever see a website that isn’t styled using one of these and we sometimes forget that behind all of that good looking fluff, there is basic HTML out there. Google and other search engines don’t care about style sheets so it is important to ensure that your HTML is coded great.

The plainclothes extension for Chrome will allow you to see exactly what any website (including your own) looks like without those fancy styles applied to it. This is great if you are looking into the SEO value of a website and seeing how you can improve it or simply just for seeing how Google will more than likely view your website.

It is also great for seeing exactly what the CSS is doing and where the exact elements are on your website. Plainclothes has to be a must have extension for any good web developer and of course, anyone that dabbles in SEO out there too.

it is also great if you just fancy seeing what your favourite websites would look like if CSS didn’t exist. It would certainly be a black and white world!


IE Tab

IETab Extension for Chrome

As a website developer, you will have one huge task ahead of you and that is to make sure that your website looks great in one of the most problematic browsers out there; Internet Explorer. Many web developers will not use Internet Explorer for a number of reasons but if you are designing a website, you will need to ensure that it looks great in IE as a huge number of people use the browser all around the world.

The IE Tab extension for Chrome will allow you to test your website for Internet Explorer compatibility without even having to open Internet Explorer. Basically, what the extension does is to generate an Internet Explorer tab within Chrome so that you can see what your website would look like if you were indeed using internet explorer.

There are a huge amount of benefits to this extension including the fact that you will no longer have to leave Chrome and have multiple browsers open at once. You don’t even have to have internet explorer installed on your computer if you don’t want! This makes this extension extremely useful for any Mac users out there that would not have internet explorer installed on their computer at all.



In conclusion, there are some seriously great extensions out there for Google Chrome which makes it a very versatile browser. Any website designer or developer should consider Chrome as their browser of choice we think as it rivals Firefox and other open source browsers for sure.

There are hundreds of other great extensions out there for Chrome too that would benefit website designers and developers including Validity, FlashBack and many others. It would be well worth your time browsing the Chrome store for a short while and seeing what you can find.

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