Top 3 Mobile Web HTML5 Frameworks for App Development

One of the things that is extremely big at the moment is mobile app development and there are a number of websites out there that have made sure to create mobile versions of their websites so that users on devices like the iPhone and Android can view there website on their devices. There are now a number of frameworks out there that use HTML5 to allow you to build web apps for these devices that will look like native applications. These are great for making the all important mobile versions of your website. Here are a few of the best:

  1. NimbleKit: This is one of the most well known frameworks out there as it allows you to create applications for the Apple iOS devices on the market. The fantastic thing about this application is that you don’t actually need to learn anything new in terms of programming. All that you need to know if how to create a web page using HTML and JavaScript. This is fantastic as it means that many people can create web apps for iOS.
  2. M-Project: This is another great option if you are looking to build some great mobile apps as it uses the HTML5 JavaScript framework. The great thing about this is that it contains all of the UI and core files that you will need to start designing your own applications using the HTML5 and JQuery language. You can create applications that work on a range of mobile devices with this framework including the iPhone, Android devices and many others.
  3. Titanium: This framework is not actually a HTML5 framework as it is actually a JavaScript based interface. The way it works is that it turns your great web skills into mobile applications easily that will perform just as if you had written them in Objective-C or Java. There are more than 300 API’s in this framework allowing you to do almost anything.

There are many other great frameworks out there and as mobile devices such as the iPad and iPhone become more popular, more frameworks are being released.

One thought on “Top 3 Mobile Web HTML5 Frameworks for App Development

  1. I am exicited about HTML5 but Flash can do all these things html5 can do in a better way.Creating slideshow in HTML5! wow! what, flash did that 10 years ago! It is very easy to create a flash animation, for example a ball bouncing in flash professional in less than am minute. Javascript is a mess when compared to AS3.

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