Top 10 Google Chrome Extentions for Internet Entrepreneurs

If you are running a web based business, perhaps an SEO company or even a business that means you are going to be analysing websites and surfing the web a lot, it makes sense to install some of the extensions out there for your browser. Now, a lot of people are starting to use Google Chrome and there are some great extensions out there. Here are some of the best for internet entrepreneurs.


1. Adblock

This is one of the most useful extentions for Chrome in the world. All it does it block Google Adsense and banner ads on the sites you visit.


2. Alexa Traffic Rank

This is a really neat tool that will display the Alexa traffic rank of the website that you are currently on. This can give you an idea of how much traffic a site gets.


3. Webrank SEO

This is another great plugin for SEO’s out there that will tell you Pagerank and other SEO information for each site you visit.


4. Yslow

This is a fantastic plugin that has actually been created by Yahoo. It will tell you how you can make your website load faster.


5. Firebug

This is a must have extention for any website developer and it is also available for Firefox. It will allow you to analyse all HTML on a site.


6. Window Resizer

This is a fantastic tool that will allow you to see how your website will look on other users screens that may be different sizes or resolutions.


7. Eye Dropper

This is another neat tool that will allow you to see the Hexadecimal and RGB color of anything on a web page. Extremely useful.


8. Hover Zoom

This is a cool plugin that will allow you to make thumbnails on websites larger as you hover over them. Really neat.


9. Tweetdeck

Twitter is a big part of marketing websites these days and this neat extention will allow you to keep in touch with your followers in your browser.


10. StayFocusd

This is one of the best extentions out there in my opinion as it blocks sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, allowing you to stay focused.

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