Top 4 Most Innovative Apple Products of all Time – RIP Steve Jobs

Apple is a company that has had its fair share of successful products and over the past few years, the company has grown into the largest technology company in the world. This is of course down to the founder of the company; Steve Jobs who sadly died last week. However, he has certainly left behind a legacy of fantastic and innovative products and here are some of the most innovative Apple products of all time that changed the world.

  1. Apple Mac: This product was originally introduced back in the 80’s and it caused quite a storm at the time. When it was released, the Macintosh was the most advanced, personal computer out there and the gasps from the audience at the unveiling of the computer back in 1984 shows just how spectacular it was. Today, the Apple Mac has evolved into an entire range of products that are well known to be some of the best personal computers around. There are Macbooks, iMac’s and more today, all of which owe their existence to that first Apple Mac.
  2. Apple iPod: There is no denying that this is probably the best Apple product ever created as it completely revolutionised the way that we listen to music on the move. This was originally introduced back in 2001 and since then, it too has evolved into a whole range of products. There are Apple’s iPod Nano’s, iPod Touches and more.
  3. Apple iPhone: This is a product that was first introduced back in 2007 so it is relatively recent. This phone completely changed the Smartphone market forever and now, Apple is one of the leading companies in this market. Their iPhone still exists today and millions of people all around the world own one.
  4. Apple iPad: This is the most recent innovation from Apple and it completely revolutionised the way that we think of personal computing when it was released last year. The iPad was the first hugely popular tablet PC and now, Apple is the market leader in this area. The iPad has sold millions and nearly every electronics company out there has tried to copy Apple.

Apple is sure to keep on innovating for many years to come. It has to be said however, Steve Jobs and his company has changed the world and he will be missed by millions.

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