10 Exceptional Looking CSS Websites

Using CSS to design a website is a great way to create a well structured and well coded website. However, the job of a website designer is also to make the website as good looking as possible, as the better looking the website is, the more users will enjoy visiting it. Below are some of the best looking websites that have been designed with CSS. Each and every one of them is visually stunning. Take a look.

1. Eyebridge Creative

This is a stunning looking website for a Web Design Company. The layout is extremely well thought out and really shows what can be done with CSS. Click here to view the website.

2. Ruta Del Cafe

This website may not be written in english but it is still a stunning looking website. The website has a very nice feel and the style suits the site well. Click here to view the website.

3. Moonbeam Illustrations

This is a fantastically well designed website for an Illustrations website. It is quite simple but the slightly ‘grungy’ styling looks great. Click here to view the website.

4. Simply Creative

This website is called Simply Creative – and thats exactly what it is. The site itself is quite minimalist but it does its job well, which is all that is needed from a website. Click here to view the website.

5. Villager Kent

This is a stunning looking website for the Villager Kent Restaurant. The website manages to give you all the information you would ever need about the restaurant without overloading your brain with pages of text. Click here to view the website.

6. Phoreal

Here is yet another well designed web design company. The blue colours and theme of the website areally nice and create a very neutral feel. Click here to view the website.

7. Bontera

Here is another beautifully designed restaurant website. The website uses an image of a wine glass as its main background which helps the website to look very classy. Click here to view the website.

8. Attack of the Web

This freelance web design website has a ‘marvel’lous feel to it. It might remind you of reading your favourite comincs as a child, nonetheless, it is a very nicely designed website. Click here to view the website.

9. Twittground

This is a stunningly designed website that provides Twitter Page designs. The overall look of the site is very reminiscent of Twitter itself and is very nicely designed. Click here to view the website.

10. XHTML CSS Expert

This is a website that provides coding services from PSD files. The site is exceptionally well designed and is extremely creative. Click here to view the website.

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