10 Great Background Image Examples In Website Design

Website design is something that is constantly changing and there are a lot of different designs out there. One of the things that is quite big at the moment is the use of images as the background of a website. This is something that can either look terrible and make your website look out of fashion and old, or it can make it look stylish and beautiful. Here are 10 examples of great background image use in websites.

1. H-Art

This is a really fantastic website design that manages to look especially clean and tidy even with a background image. The background image is actually a bunch of different images combined into one.


2. Planoform

This website design is absolutely stunning and uses a slideshow of images as the background. The reason that this looks so great is because the colour scheme is simple and the images are high quality.


3. The Kitchen

This is another design that has full screen background images and a slideshow effect and once again, it looks great. Images are at the forefront of this website and fit in fantastically with the design.


4. We Make PDX

This website has a background image but it doesn’t actually cover the entire background of the website. It also moves when you scroll down the page. This is a really nice effect and shows the different things that can be achieved,


5. Fifty Three

This is the website for a fantastic iPad app and it is one of my personal favourite websites at the moment. The design has a background image that fills the entire screen. However, when scrolling it will move away to reveal the footer.


6. Whiteboard

This website design looks stunning and uses a background image that covers the entire screen. The background image has a texture effect which makes it stand out on this site.


7. Coop

This website has a number of different background images that change as you scroll through the website. This has a really nice effect and all of them work well. They also contribute to the design of the website.


8. Friendly Gents

This website has a great design which incorporates a background image. The image is black and white like the rest of the website and it is this colour scheme that makes the site look stunning.


9. Neve and Hawk

This website has a stunning slideshow design as the background but also incorporates the menu at the top. This works extremely well as the images are of such good quality.


10. Vanilla Pod Images

This is a website for a wonderful photography company and it incorporates stunning background images. Once again, there is a slideshow effect and the images are of such good quality, it works fantastically.

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