10 Of The Best and Most Inspiring Logo Redesigns of 2010

One of the things that you will probably want if you have a website for a company is a great lo0oking logo. The thing about logos is that they can become dated quite quickly and making a log that will keep modern is quite a challenge. This is why a lot of companies will redesign their logo every few years and we have compiled a list of 10 of the best and more inspiring logo redesigns to give you inspiration for your logo. Enjoy!

1. Ubuntu

Umunto is one of the most well known companies out there and this year, they have redesigned their logo to look a little more modern.

2. Water for People

This logo redesign from Water for people really looks much better and brings out a modern feel for the company.

3. The Yellow Pages

The Yellow Pages is a great directory in the United Kingdom and this year, their logo has been given a makeover and it looks fantastic.

4. Caibou Coffee

Millions of people around the world love coffee and thius fantastic logo redesign makes Caribou Cofee much mor visually appealing.

5. Survey Monkey.com

This is a great website and up until this year, their logo looked pretty dated. Now, their logo is extremely modern and looks great.

6. Technicolour

This compnay is known throughout the world and their logo was looking pretty old fashioned until 2010. Now, the logo looks modern whilst retaining the company image.

7. Workopolis

This is a great logo that has been redesigned this year. This logo hasn’t been changed that much but really shows that a small change can go along way.

8. Egypt

For tourists, it is important to have a good image and this is exactly what Egypt have been working on this year. This new logo is much more slick and appealing.

9. Cousins Subs

This is a great company and they too, have redesigned their logo this year and it looks a lot more fresh and modern.

10. Lending Club

This company has also undergone a log redesign this year and they have made their logo stand out a lot more and look a lot more modern.

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