10 Of The Best Blog Header Designs

One of the things that you will really have to consider when you are running your own blog is the actual design of the blog. Of course, with a blog or any website, the first part of the page that the visitor will actually see is the header of the page. It is for this reason that the design of the header is extremely important so we have compiled a list of 10 of the most inspiring and most well designed blog headers out there. Enjoy!

1. The Pixel

This blog header is absolutely stunning and the design is absolutely fantastic. The colour blue is beautiful also. Click here to visit the blog.

2. Fran Fernandez

This is a great looking blog with a great header. The header really fits into the design of the blog extremely well. Click here to visit the blog.

3. Marchand de Trucs

This blog has a fantastic header that really reflects the personality of the blog and gets it off to a great start. Click here to visit the blog.

4. Ready Photosite

This blog header is a little more standard in terms of layout but it just proves that it can still look great without being over the top. Click here to visit the blog.

5. Jason Bradbury

This is the blog for the host of the Gadget Show; Jason Bradbury and his blog header is fantastically well designed. Click here to visit the blog.

6. TJ Mapes

This blog might have a strange title but the design is great and it is great inspiration. Click here to visit the blog.

7. Amour Chaleur

This is a simple but effective blog header. This proves that the design doesnt have to be packed full of things to make it stunning. Click here to visit the blog.

8. N Design Studio

This is a fantastic blog with a header to reflect it. The header has been carefully designed to make it look great around the blog. Click here to visit the blog.

9. Mark Forester

This blog is one of my favourite designs out there and its cartoony image really makes it stand out amongst the crowd. Click here to visit the blog.

10. 10 Words

This is a great end to our list of blog header designs and it shows that the use of colour in the design isnt always necessary. Click here to it the blog.

One thought on “10 Of The Best Blog Header Designs

  1. These headers are very inspirational. I found simple art header with their interactive desk very amazing. I would probably use these headers as part of a mood board in thinking of designs..

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