10 Of The Best Chrome Extensions For Web Designers

Chrome is one of the best browser around in my opinion, and it even overtakes Mozilla Firefox for me on a personal level. There are now so many extensions available for the browser that you can do just about anything you like without having to leave your web browser. As well as this, it is great for web designers as there are some great tools available. Here are 10 of the best:


#1 – Lorem Ipsum Generator

This is a really cool tool for those looking to generate text for their designs as it quickly allows you to create a customised piece of Lorem Ipsum text. Just specify the amount of words and paragraphs you need and you’re good to go.


#2 – Stylebot

Stylebot allows you to take a look at the CSS behind a website with great ease. You just launch the extension and you can view all the CSS you like in an easy to use manner.


#3 – Pixlr Express

Photo editing is essential for making any website look great and this fantastic extension will allow you to edit photos right in your browser window. It is packed with features too and is extremely useful for all designers.


#4 – Font Editor

This extension allows you to see how different fonts look on your website with ease. You can even use keyboard shortcuts to make things even faster. Great for those looking to explore typography.


#5 – WhatFont

Have you ever visited a website and wondered what font they were using? I’m sure you have and now, you can find out quickly with this amazing extension for Chrome. Just hover over the font in question.


#6 – Live CSS Editor

I love this plug-in as it makes things so much faster. Basically, it allows you to edit the CSS live and see the results of your changes instantly in the browser. Saves time going back and forth to Dreamweaver.


#7 – IE Tab

No-one likes Internet Explorer, but there are still a lot of people using the browser. This extension allows you to open IE tabs without the hassle of having to leave Chrome at all.


#8 – Window Resizer

With so many different resolutions out there on a range of different devices, it pays to ensure that your website is optimised for as many as possible. Window Resizer will allow you to quickly check how your website looks on different resolutions.


#9 – Awesome Screenshot


Again, an extremely useful plug-in that allows you to easily be able to take a screen grab of your window in any size you like. You can even annotate it easily.


#10 – Check My Links

This is a particularly useful tools for designers and SEO’s alike as it looks through your website and checks for any broken links that you might have, allowing you to easily repair them.

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