10 Of The Best Conceptual Logo Designs (Part 2)

We have done a few posts on logo designs over the past few months but we feel that there are so many great and inspiring designs out there that another post on logos certainly wouldn’t be a bad thing. This time, we have got 10 more of the most inspiring conceptual logos for you as there was just so many that we found last time that we didn’t have enough time to show them all to you. So here you go; 10 more of the best and most inspiring conceptual logos out there. Enjoy!

1. Zip

This is a great logo that makes the letter ‘I’ in the logo into a zip. This is a great idea for a logo.

2. Mother

This logo uses the letter ‘M’ in the logo design to create a picture of a mother and a son/daughter. Clever.

3. Wine Searcher

This logo design is extremely clever as it has a picture of two bottle that also makes a picture of a pair of binoculars.

4. Sliced Lemon Films

This logo for a film company is great as the lemon peelings also double as film reel in the picture.

5. Pregg-net

This logo for Pregg.net uses the dot and the brackets in the web address to make a picture of a pregnant lady.

6. Wine Kingdom

This logo is quite similar to the wine searcher logo as the wine glass doubles as a crown.

7. Steps

In this logo, the letter ‘E’ in the logo actually makes the picture of some steps, which is the title of the company.

8. Get Wired

This is a very clever logo where the picture of the mug in the logo is actually made up of wires.

9. Cut

This is a great logo where the logo is actually cut into pieces which represents the title of the company.

10. Zoom

This is very clever as the logo is actually pixelated to represent the logo being ‘zoomed in on’. Clever.

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