10 Of The Best Free High Quality Fonts Available

Fonts play a huge role in design, no matter what it is. It doesn’t matter whether you are designing a website, print, business card or entire brand, the fonts that you are using will be huge. Luckily, there are a lot of fonts around allowing you to get some really good designs. However, not all of these great fonts are free. We have found 10 of the best free high quality fonts out there for you to use in your designs.


1. Matchbook Type

This is a great font that has been designed in both a serif and sans-serif version. The fonts name most likely comes from the way that it looks as it has a match stick kind of effect to it with the thin lettering. This font would be great for so many designs.


2. Sans Spatha

Yes, it is a bit of a weird name but all fonts have strange names, right? We really love this sans-serif font as it is easy to read and looks stunning to. This would be excellent for creating brands with for sure.


3. Thunderball

This is a little bit of a different font now, as the letters are quite bold and in your face. This font certainly has a lot of character to it and when it is used correctly, it looks great. You get used to the “T”.


4. Arvo

This is quite a simple font but it looks very nice. This font has uppercase and lowercase letters as well as different weighted versions. It was originally made for inclusion in the Google Font Directory.


5. Adec

This is a personal favourite of ours and if used correctly, this will once again create a really nice design. The font is a little futuristic in its design and you can imagine it being used on a Pink Floyd album cover.


6. Skyhook

This free font is a really well made font that has a very modern and sturdy look to it. There is a regular weight version of the font which is available for free download although it cant be used in religious or political work.


7. Darth Vador

Have you ever wanted a Star Wars themed font? Well, now’s your chance with the Darth Vador font available for free. This is a really nice looking font that will have a lot of application, you just need to find one.


8. FR Hopper


Again, another vague name for a font but the good news is that it looks great. The font is based n different geometric forms but still manages to appear cool and friendly. There are various weights and styles available too.


9. Melbourne

No, this doesn’t have anything to do with Australia really, but it is a great font. This is a sans-serif font that has a really good, modern presence. It would be great when used for headlines or anything else you can imagine really.


10. Baurete

This font is absolutely brilliant and has a bit of a hippy feel about it. The font definitely doesn’t conform to the norm and is very “out-there”. Still, this is a great font that is bound to make any project more fun.

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