10 Of The Best Halloween Infographics

Halloween is just around the corner and as expected with SEO’s, this is not an opportunity that has been missed. Over the years, there have been a number of funny, interesting and spooky Halloween infographics online and we’ve managed to round up 10 of the best ones for your Halloween viewing pleasure. Here they are.


#1 – Halloween Costume Picker

Ok, so this isn’t the most well designed infographic in the world, but hey…it’s the thought that counts (well, it isn’t). This infographic is funny however and in a way, the bad design adds to it’s appeal.


#2 – Sexy Halloween Costumes

Again, not the best design we’ve ever seen but the infographic is funny once again. It explores some common Halloween costumes that shouldn’t be Halloween costumes and gives plenty of reasons why.


#3 – Pumpkin Beer

This infographic is a bit limited in its audience I think, but personally, I think it’s genius. It basically lists a number of pumpkin beers and gives facts about them, including alcohol content and more.


#4 - Halloween Candies

This is a really fun infographic that explores Halloween candies. It has an element of humour to it as well which always makes for a well-received infographic.


#5 – Halloween stats

Ok, finally a well-designed infographic and the content is pretty good too. It has some pretty spooktacular stats about Halloween including the number of potential trick or treaters in the US.


#6 – Halloween Candy Horror Stories

Not a badly designed infographic, but well researched. Some of the stories in this infographic are sure to grab the attention of almost anyone around the Halloween period.


#7 – Halloween Sales Trends

This infographic is a bit old, which is probably why the design isn’t too brilliant but the facts and figures, and other information are great. It explores the Halloween trends when it comes to sales.


#8 – Interesting Halloween Facts

This is a really cool infographic that shows some of the most interesting facts around Halloween. It has a nice design and some of the facts are pretty fun.


#9 – 15 Facts About Halloween

Another kind of strangely designed infographic, but nonetheless, it makes it to our list. This explores some of the most interesting Halloween facts once again, including the fact that $3 billion is spent each year on Halloween costumes.


#10 – Trick Or Treat

This is a really cool infographic that explores just about everything to do with trick or treating, including how much is spent on candy around the festive period and more.

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