10 Of The Best Landing Page Design Templates

Landing pages are a great way to increase the conversion rates of your website and as you’ll probably already know, a well thought out and well designed landing page is absolutely paramount when you are looking to get the most out of your landing page. Luckily, there are a lot of landing page designs already out there that you can buy for just a few dollars. Here are some of the best designed landing page templates.


1. Klix

This is a really cool looking landing page that is definately one of my favourites out there. The design is so clean and simple and it also has really well defined call to action buttons too. A great choice for any landing page. Only $8 too.


2. Qloud

Tis landing page is another favourite of mine as it looks great. When you customise this with your logo and your own content, you can see that it would look great and have a great effect on your visitors. It is only $8 once again.


3. X-Tech

This landing page is absolutely perfect if you are selling a technology product of any kind as it has been designed around wonderful images of laptops and other electronic devices. There is even a video area in the tempalte. It costs just $9.


4. Clickr

This is another wonderfully simple landing page template that would work for almost any website. The call to action button is big and bold and has been designed to contain all the information needed in a beautiful way. This costs $9.


5. Lista

This landing page is yet another personal favourite of mine as I think it looks really cool. The template revolves around a video so it is great if you have a promo video or sales video. This template is available for just $8.


6. Kibou

This landing page is a bit of a more conventional landing page in my eyes but it still looks great. There are a number of different colour variations included in the template too and even an AJAX form. This is just $8.


7. Simpler Landing

This is a cool looking landing page that includes a lot of great features such as a full page imagine slide and video slider too. There are pricing tables, lists and more. This is great for any purpose you could have in mind at all and its just $11.


8. Korporate

This is probably a landing page template that would most suit a piece of software if that is what you are selling. It could also be good for web apps, iPhone apps and other technology related products however. It is just $11.


9. Detroit Lean

This landing page is yet another great one that includes sliders and social media icons. There are also 8 PSD’s included if you want to make any changes, not that I imagine you will as it looks great. It is just $8 once again.


10. Landing

Again, I would say this is a little more conventional in its style than some of the others we have mentioned, but it is still great. It has room for YouTube videos, Vimeo videos and even your own too. It is available for just $8.

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