10 Of The Best Vintage Textures for Designers

One of the things that is hugely popular at the moment in terms of design is the whole vintage look. I have come across no-end of websites that have been designed with vintage in mind and often, they will incorporate some kind of textures into the designs. So, we thought that a lot of designers out there are probably trying to achieve this vintage look so we sourced 10 of the best vintage textures for you to use in your designs.

Vintage Flowers

This is a really cool looking texture of vintage looking flowers. The flowers are a green colour and the colours used overall in the texture are very similar and make for a great look.


Old Victorian Blue Texture

This is one of my favourite textures throughout this collection and I have to say, one of the most vintage looking ones too. The texture is very neutral in the colour scheme and would make a perfect website background.


Vintage Stars

Stars are one of the many vintage themes that crops up a lot and if you are looking for something cool, look no further than this texture. The texture appears to show stars and paint splats, all with a very vintage feel.


Pale Blue Vintage

Something a little different here, at least in terms of the colour scheme. This is a really nice looking vintage texture that features leaves, birds, flowers and a lovely blue colour scheme that is sure to fit in with almost any design.


Candy Stripes

We really love this vintage texture. The texture features what looks like stripy wallpaper that has been creased and crunched up. Another way of describing with would be candy stripes. Either way, it looks great.


Vintage Circles

This is quite a crisp looking vintage texture that features a number of different circles, all created with slightly different patterns. Again, the colour scheme is quite neutral and will fit with almost anything you have in mind.


Vintage Port Texture

Something a bit different once again and this time, it comes in the form of a vintage wine label texture. In fact, this texture features a port label from 1795. It looks absolutely stunning and incorporated into the right design, it would be great!


Vintage Texture

This is probably the most basic vintage texture we have featured in this list but sometimes, you need something quite plain and simple. The brown texture almost looks like a dirty piece of paper and would be great as a background.


Vintage Star Patterns

Stars are yet another hugely vintage design and these star designs look absolutely stunning. There are a range of colours and styles so you can be sure to fit a cool, starry texture with any design that you have.


Coloured Vintage Paper

Again, we have a selection of a few different colours with this one and they all look fantastic. These are extremely simple designs that are just grungy looking coloured papers. However, they would be great for a number of projects.

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