10 Of The Biggest Web Design Trends For 2010

Like everything, trends come and go and the web design industry is certainly no different. Every year the website design world moves on and new things become big as the old ways of doing things become less in fashion. In 2010, there are a few new things that are supposed to be big in the area of website design and we have figured out what these are likely to be for you. Here are our top 10 website design trends of 2010. Enjoy!

1. Typography

This is a trend that started in the past year or so and it is set to get bigger in 2010 with many more websites expected to make use of it. Click here for an example.

2. The Hand Drawn Look

Just because its a website doesnt mean it can’t look good and this is exactly what the hand drawn look is about. Click here for an example.

3. Using Lots of Images and Photos

This has always been used in website but now it is expected to get even bigger. Expect great graphics to be on the increase this year. Click here for an example.

4. A Magazine Style Layout

This is a great look for a website and many cool websites are already using it. It is set out in blocks and it looks great. Click here for an example.

5. Blocks for an Introduction

In the past, these have looked tacky but with web 2.0 styling, these are set to increase this year. Click here for an example.

6. Single Page Layout

This is a new trend where everything you need is on one page. Great for people that need information quickly. Click here for an example.

7. Social Media/Bookmarking Add-ons

Recently, things such as Twitter and StumbleUpon have become huge, and so have the website add-ons for these. Click here for an example.

8. More White Space

In the past, designers have steered away from too much white space but this year it seems that will be the trend. Click here for an example.

9. Apple Style Icons

Many websites this year are set to use icons for menus and navigation, much like the Apple iPhone does. Click here for an example.

10. Lightboxes

This is a great way to view photos on a website and it will be great for online stores. Click here for an example.

4 thoughts on “10 Of The Biggest Web Design Trends For 2010

  1. Josh……… This is really the top ten website design trends!! I viewed every single one and all of them are just great!! Thanks for posting this.

  2. Came across the post while I was searching for design trends during 2011 and I see that HTML5 was almost launched during 2011, which did not go as expected. But did had a great start for a lunch.

    I had been making a report on design trends during every year and i am surprised to see the developments happened during 2011, which was extraordinary.

    Thanks for the post.

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