10 Of The Most Creative Advertisements for Inspiration

There are a lot of ways to get your business noticed but there are so many advertisements out there these days that a lot of the time, you will not really make much of an impact. However, there are advertising campaigns from time to time that will work extremely well and we have found 10 of the best advertising design examples to give you inspiration for your own designs. Enjoy!

1. Floralp Butter advertising

This is a fantastic and creative advert that sees a piece of bread that has been eaten in the middle revealing the wall behind.

2. WWF Lung Cancer

This is a fantastic advert that really shows the effects of lung cancer in a visual way. This advert has really helped to raise awareness for lung cancer.

3. Smoking and Sexual Dysfunction Ad

This is a great advert that really highlights the effects of smoking on the male reproductive organ. The advert is very visual and works well.

4. AmbiPur Ad

This is a great advert for the Ambipur air freshner that visually shows the effects of using the air freshner as the fish odour disappears.

5. Burger King Field Day

This is a great ad from the fast food giant; Burger King in their ‘Have a field day’ campaign. The ad works well in creating a visual representation of the campaign.

6. Airport Bus

A fantatsic advert for the Airport Bus that is humorous as well as very clever. The ad shows a bus taking off on the side of a bus.

7. Mobile Phone Ad

This is a great advert that highlights the effects of using your mobile phone while you are driving. The ad is very clever and visual.

8. Iveco Ecodaily

This is a fantastic advert that is advertising the Iveco van. The advert focuses on an advertising campaign highlighting popeye and his strength.

9. Kit Kat

Most of you will know that the slogan for Kit Kat is ‘Have a break’. This advert really ads a visual view to the slogan.

10. Papermate Ultra Fine

This is a fantastic advert that is advertising the Papermate Ultra Fine pen. The advert shows just how fine the pen is.

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