10 Of The Most Popular Zen Cart Templates From TemplateMonster

If you are looking to start your own online shop then there are a number of different shopping cart systems available to you. However, all of these shopping carts don’t really look very good unless you have your own template to use with them. If you don’t have a good template, then your shop will look like the ‘bog standard’ store that everyone has. This is why we have found 10 of the best templates that are available for the popular shopping cart software; ZenCart. Enjoy!

1. Furniture Store

This is a great template if you are loking to start your own online furniture store and it looks fantastic. Click here to get it.

2. Art and Photography Store

Thios is great for any of you creative people out there who want to sel your designs. Click here to get it.

3. Fitness Store

Fitness and health is big business these days and if you are setting up your own fitness store, this is as good as its going to look. Click here to get it.

4. Lingerie Store

This is the best looking template I’ve seen for a while and with lingerie being huge business, what a great store front this would make. Click here to get it.

5. Digital Store

Electronics and Digital media is one of the things that is sold most online, why not start your own store doing this? Click here to get it.

6. Furniture Store (another one)

Yes, I know I’ve mentioned a furniture store already, but choice is a good thing surely. Click here to get it.

7. Toy Store

This is one of the most well designed Zen Cart templates around and perfect for an online toy store. Click here to get it.

8. Beauty Store

The cosmetics industry is worth a lot and this template will make your store stand out. Click here to get it.

9. Car Spares Store

This is certainly a template for the niche market but it looks great for what it is. Click here to get it.

10. Online Store

This is a great looking store that is perfect for a variety of different uses, no matter what you’re selling, this is perfect. Click here to get it.

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