10 Of The Most Stunning Typography Logos

One of the main reasons that you need to have a good logo design is to actually capture the attention of your customers. Whether you are looking to capture the attention of visitors to your website or any other potential customers, a great logo design is absolutely vital. Here are 10 of the most stunning typography based logos for your inspiration, Enjoy!

1. Sub Zero Seafood

This is a fantastic logo design that is based on typography which is actually used in order to make a picture of a fish.

2. Microgreen

This is another great logo that is very simple but really stands out and creates a fantastic image of the brand and will ensure that customers remember it.

3. Sky Tiger

This is a grat logo design that is once again very simple as it only uses two colours. The typography looks great in this logo and creates a great image.

4. Kadoo

This is a very simple logo design that is only designed using one colour and it just shows that logos dont have to be complicated.

5. Bamboo

This is a stunning looking logo that creates a great brand image. The use of the typography in the form of bamboo makes this logo great.

6. Fuel Fitness

This is a great logo and the typography that is used in the logo is actually made up of a shoelace design that represents the company.

7. I Look Like You

This is an extremely clever logo that uses typography extremely well in order to make the ‘U’ look like two people.

8. Shift

This is a great lgoo that is extremely simple and only uses the colours of blue and black but is clever in the way it makes the typography look like gears.

9. I.D.

This logo is great as it actually is designed very cleverly. It uses typography within the typography to create a great effect.

10. Goosebumps

This is yet another very simple logo that uses simple typography with a splash of cours to really spice things up.

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