20 Minimalist WordPress Portfolio Themes

When creating a successful WordPress portfolio, one of the best ways to showcase textual and visual content is to use a minimalist aesthetic leaving all the important material free from any distractions.

There are a huge number of clean and elegant WordPress portfolio themes available to download for free from the Internet; this post brings 20 of the best!

1. Minimalist

As the name suggests, Minimalist is an extremely minimal and stylish theme, with fast loading pages and all the emphasis on text content with no images. The theme utilizes MooTools and allows customization with a choice of five different colour schemes.

2. Simplicity

Simplicity is a theme with a sophisticated layout, a choice of two or three columns and a pared-down, minimalist design. Creator Lai Zit Seng designed the theme to be XHTML and CSS compliant and capable of handling the WordPress 2.7 comment threading

3. Ministry Free

Ministry Free is an elegantly simple theme ideal for portfolio and blog niches. The design has a very clean design, no images other than a logo and RSS icon, with plenty of white space to allow the text content to breath.

4. F8 Lite

F8 Lite is an unfussy and straightforward portfolio theme for showcasing photography, art, design and multimedia images. The single-column design places all the emphasis on visual presentation, with images set against a white background.

5. WP-Creativix

This theme is ideal for business portfolios, with a crisp design that is fully customisable. Users can choose various colour schemes and image options.

6. YBoris

YBoris is a really attractive magazine-style theme, suitable for blogs and portfolios, with three columns and a stylish black, white and grey colour scheme.

7. Sepia

Sepia is a minimalist theme with a simple fixed-width, one-column layout, square corners and an attractive tinted paper style background.

8. Squared

This theme is a clean and simple design aimed at blog and portfolio niches. The squared layout features two fixed-width columns and a blue and white colour scheme.

9. JaS Personal Publisher

This theme is designed for personal publishing, with the focus on text content. There are two fixed-width columns with a right side bar, dark header and white background.

10. Supemi

This theme’s name, Supemi, derives from the two words ‘super’ and ‘minimalist’ which reflect the concept behind the design. Completely stripped down to the minimum, the design is text only, fast loading and features a simple widget-ready bottom sidebar.

11. Blackneon

Blackneon is a really good-looking theme with a clean, minimal layout, three columns with a black and neon colour scheme.

12. Barthelme

Barthelme is a crisply minimal theme with an elegant two-column layout. The design employs a grey and white colour scheme, with plenty of open space for an uncluttered aesthetic.

13. Wu Wei

This grid-based theme offers options for colour customisation in black, white and grey tones and high contrast to differentiate page elements.

14. Emptiness

Emptiness is a tastefully designed theme with plenty of white space providing a background to text-orientated pages. The simple layout features a header image and lightweight coding for quick loading pages.

15. No-frills

No-frills is a theme offering text-orientated pages with printer-friendly layouts. The coding allows much customisation, altering colour schemes and sidebar location, for example.

16. Under the Influence

This clean, minimal theme features an admin panel for customisation including colour selections, choice of two or three-column design and optional German translations.

17. Mondo Zen Theme

Mondo Zen Theme is designed to bring a relaxed and inspiring tone to blog and portfolio niches with green and white pastel colours and a spacious two-column layout.

18. Apricot

Apricot is a graceful and minimal theme with the focus on textual content. The design offers widget and avatar support and is fully SEO-friendly.

19. Life is Simple

This clean and lightweight theme is designed to showcase both text and images in a pleasingly minimal platform. The theme features two columns, widget-ready layout and easy to modify coding.

20. Simplr

The one-column typographical design of this theme allows the focus to rest firmly on the text content, a no-nonsense, light and stylish layout that is amongst the best minimalist WordPress themes.

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