2011’s Most Inspirational Design Blogs

Designer blogs are becoming some of the most popular communities online and growing even bigger. One of the easiest ways to stay in the know and inspired by fellow designers.

Today we have a list of what was 2011’s best looking, well known or maybe up coming design blogs. You can see that many of these blogs had a large following and many blog posts from how-tos, updates and a wide range of other topics even outside of the designing field such as SEO and marketing.

Take a browse through the collection of designer blogs and let us know of any maybe we should put in the list next time we do a blog post related to this.

1. Design Woop

Design Woop

Design Woop was founded in 2009 by David Martin from Webadelic. The blog has became well renown for showcases for inspiration and design ever since.

2. Who Design Today

Who Design Today

Who Design Today was founded in 2011, one of the most youngest design blogs in this showcase. Tomas Laurinavicius started this startup design blog for a student project.

3. Hickensian


Hicks Design was founded way back in 2002, the blog has soon became a food and bread heaven for many designers.

4. I Love Typography

I Love Typography

As the founder puts it, it was ‘born’ in 2007 by John Boardley. A designer living and working in Japan and well we all know he loves typography. He shares his passion with very interesting showcases and posts.

5. Fuel Your Creativity

Fuel Your Creativity

Founded in 2008 by Chad Engle and soon grew to become a very large and successful designing network.

6. BittBox


Founded by Jay Hilgert who creates posts and shares free goodies for designing n00bs and the more experienced users.

7. Garcya


Garcya was founded by Adrian Ferenczik who posts free vectors, wallpapers and many other resources for designers.

8. Inspiredology


Established by Chad Mueller a freelance designer and produces very informative posts and shares some outstanding photography showcases.

9. Marked Lines

Marked Lines

Marked Lines was founded by Stratos Iordanidis. The blog has become very well known for web 2.0 freaks.

10. Creative Fan

Creative Fan

Founded by Eric Shafer and has grown this blog to become one of the Internet’s biggest and most well renown blogging resources in a very short space of time.

2 thoughts on “2011’s Most Inspirational Design Blogs

  1. Hey Danny! Thank you very much for featuring Who Design Today! I feel honored to be included in such a list with so many great design blogs.

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