3 Best Websites for Custom Twitter Designs

Twitter is one of the largest social networking websites out there and one of the websites main uses is for business use these days. Twitter is a great way to keep in contact with your employees, competition and customers and this is something that website owners and small businesses need to take seriously. Of course, Twitter is just like your own website in many ways and it is part of your brand so it is important that you brand your Twitter page as your own. Here are some of the best websites out there for making a custom Twitter design:

  1. Free Twitter Designer.com – This website offers exactly what you would think it does and that is a free Twitter designer. This website will allow you to design your Twitter page using the flash based application that the website runs. You will be able to do things such as create a customer template and much more. Once you have created the perfect design, you will then be able to download it to your computer and add it to your Twitter page.
  2. MyTweetSpace.com – This is another fantastic website that will allow you to design your Twitter page and unlike Free Twitter Designer, this website has a free and paid option. The free option should be enough for most people although there are certain limitations including the amount of templates that you can use. If you need to have a really personalised option, then you can use the paid version which allows you to create a full customised background for your Twitter page.
  3. Twitbacks – This website has more than 80 different backgrounds that you will be able to choose from and customise for your Twitter background.  It also allows you to add personal information to your background such as your branding, social networking information and biography. This is really useful for a personal or business page.

Of course, there are many other free twitter designers out there including things like Tweety Got Back and Themeleon. It is just a case of trying them and seeing which offers the kind of design that you require as they are all slightly different.

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