5 Web Design Software That You Must Have

A great way for you to design your website is through the use of web design software. There are a lot of good web design software that will be able to make designing of websites something very easy for you. By using them it will only take you minutes to be able to build a website that is functioning well.

It is important not to just settle for the amount of good software out there but rather for the great software out there. Therefore below there is a list of the software that will turn your idea into a perfect website.


1. Visual Site Designer 6.6


Visual Site designer can help you create an awesome website without making it necessary for you to go through a long HTML manual. The visual editor of this program is straightforward and will be familiar to users immediately who have used desktop publishing or photo editing before.

This software ensures that pages are organized effectively. You save files in accordance to the titles of the pages and also designation which serves purposes of good organization. Labeling and keeping track of different pages as you cross and create links.

This program includes an element of visual design and an HTML editor in one program. You will be able to see changes in real time. The program serves as “training wheels” for HTML. This gives a chance for trying new things and seeing the results immediately.


2. WebPlus X4


This software has templates which are just a great resource. Generally, this software will give you some magnificent templates which are useful for direct use or inspiration. Webpages can be produced in less than an hour when you use these templates.

In case you want to take the bottom up approach of building a site, this is a product which will be more than accommodating to you. Adding YouTube video, Flash video or podcasts is a matter which is very easy to do, just opening and following the prompts of a wizard.

A great tool here that has been found to be very useful is the PhotoLab. This allows you to import and edit your own photos without having to leave the software. The size, color schemes and other features cannot be changed.

3. Web Easy Professional 8


This has a simple functionality of dragging and dropping for the creation of a website that looks good in no time. One of the great aspects about it is that due to its amazing ease of use, you do not need experience in HTML to be able to make a webpage that looks good. With this program you can develop a full site in a matter of hours, post it and never again have to look at any code. You can also choose Smartphone or iPhone specific templates so that the website can be viewed by anyone on the go.

4. NetObjects Fusion 11


Users who are not well versed in CSS and HTML can afford a smile. This is because the use of NetObjects Fusion does not require for the user to know any obscure coding languages. NetObjects Fusion 11’s feature set is on par with design studios that are professional such as Dreamweaver of Komodo. The capability that is most exciting is CSS site creation, XHTML publishing and SEO.

5. Xara Web Designer Premium


This is another software which is going to make web design work easy for you. In the area of tools, this software is second to none. There are tools for editing your images, creating web graphics and coming up with animations.


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