Be careful when outsourcing graphical work like designs and small patterns

Over the years i must admit ive had my fair share of scammers or just scam artists who think because you are paying them for a service you obviously do not know your stuff ,  In my case i hire someone else if i do not have the time do it. 9 times out of 10 i can muddle my self though most things and although it takes me a little longer i always end up teaching myself something new.

Anyway,  With this in mind i would say that over the past 12 months i have gone through 9 graphic designers who have a glowing portfolio and i usually hire out the small graphical jobs like icons , backgrounds , logos etc.   85% of those i have caught with copying other peoples work and either editing it in some cases not even bothering to edit and presenting it as their own.

Thats all very well , Im sure your asking your self how to catch these guys out with out having to go  thought thousands…………..hundreds of thousands of images and possible keyphrases on google images ?

Well ill tell you how,  With Google images…………………Image search, Clicking the little camara Icon as seen below in the image allows you to upload an image of which google will then search for all images which is like the one you uploaded .

This is a quick and easy way to capture these scammers much like copyscape is for writers.

I hope this helps at least some of you out there that hires out your graphics.








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