Best Looking Designs for 2012 – Top 10

Every year, the designs that you see around the internet change a little as things move further forwards. Every year, there are further advancements with what can be done with a website and design on a computer and this often results in some pretty cool designs. Next year is expected to be big in terms of design as HTML5 and other things make their way forward. Here are 10 of the best looking designs for 2012:


1. Worry Free Labs

This is a stunning looking website that will really fit in wit hthe year ahead. It uses a black background although there is some texture to it.


2. City is burning

This is a really cool looking website that is a personal portfolio of a website designer in the UK, The website doesnt follow the traditional structure too much but looks great.


3. Sheely Surfboards

This website looks fantastic as it has a really cool look to it. It has a great design that will last for a long time and it also fits the company well.


4. Ray’s Lab

This is a really stunning website that is more of a piece of art than a website. It is really colourful and creative which shows just what can be done with todays coding.


5. Owl Concept

This website looks stunning as it uses a fantastic image as the background. This is something that is making a big comeback and will be big in 2012.


6. Neve Inspired

This is a great looking website that is really calm and classy. The website uses handwritten fonts and good quality photos to stand out.


7. Manufacture Dessai

This website is a really simple website in its design but it still manages to look stunning. It has some cool features that make it work well too.


8. Get Corpus

This website is a really strange website that uses just a few colours but manages not to become dull. This is a simple but effective website.


9. Fidiz

This is one of my personal favourite websites of 2012 as it looks so great. It is simple and too the point and uses a cool wood texture as the background.


10. Electric Pulp

This website is another really simple website which is a theme that we will see a lot of in 2012. it looks stunning and uses big, bold fonts to stand out.

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  1. But it’s not 2012 yet?


    Nice collection, you have great taste on many of the website articles here.

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