Top 10 OpenCart Themes

Opencart is one of the best shopping cart systems around and it is used by hundreds and thousands of websites around the world every single day. The Opencart system; like many other systems comes with a default look but the great thing is that you can customise it. There are a lot of different themes available for Opencart and here are a few of the best that we have found on the Themeforest website:
1. Spicylicious

This is a theme for Opencart that would be absolutely perfect for a website that is aimed at a cooking /recipe market. The website has a food look but with other content, it would look great too.


2. Kinder

This is a really nice Opencart theme that is aimed at children oriented stores. This looks great and is extremely easy to implement too.


3. Cocoa for Milk

This is one of my personal favourite Opencart themes and it is perfect for almost any kind of website although something cool would probably suit it well.


4. Stylish Store

This is a really simple and clean looking theme that would be absolutely perfect for almost any website but mainly things like cameras, computers etc.


5. Shopcart

This is yet another theme that has been designed with almsot any kind of store in mind as it has simple, neutral colours that look clean and sophisticated.


6. Fashionista

This is a great looking theme for Opencart if you are looking to create a fashion based store. Whether you are selling clothes, shoes or anything else, this looks great.


7. Layover

This is a stunning looking theme that will create a really classy and simple looking store. The theme mainly uses white and black to create an elegant feel.


8. Vanity Shop

This is a fantastic looking theme that would be perfect for a number of different websites. It could be used for clothing, cars or anything. It even has a customisable background.


9. Apparel

This is a great looking store for any clothes shop as it is simple and clean. The website uses a few colours like pink and blue to bring it to life.


10. Gentle

This shop is a really simply designed shop and it looks great for things like electronics items. Colour schemes and more can be customised however.

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