Top 10 WordPress Themes Optimised for Mobile Devices

When it comes to choosing a WordPress theme for your website, there is a lot to take into consideration. There is the fact of how the theme will actually look to the end user and now, with people using the internet on tablet PC’s and Smartphone’s, you also need to take into account how it will look on those devices. Here are some of the best WordPress themes that have been designed with many different devices in mind:


1. Infinity

This is a really clean looking theme that has features including infinite scrolling and a clean look. This looks great on screens of all different sizes.


2. The Style

This is a really great theme if you are looking to optimise your website for different devices as Jquery helps make the website suited to all resolutions.


3. Reveal

This is yet another great looking WordPress theme that will look absolutely fantastic on Smartphones,iPad’s and many other devices due to its Ajax styling.


4. Tisa

This is a really nice looking theme that has been designed to auto resize depending on the screen resolution of the device the user is using.


5. Elmin

This is a really nice looking theme that has a lot of great fonts and uses CSS3, HTML5 and more to enable it to look great on many devices.


6. Currents

This is a really simple WordPress theme that has been designed to look a little like a newspaper and is a really focussed design.


7. Argentum

This is a wordpress theme that has been designed with mobile devices in mind and it looks great on a normal PC too.


8. Responz

This theme is a really minimal theme but it is super responsive and also looks great. This would be perfect for a news website.


9. PixelPower

This is a theme that has also been designed with mobile devices in mind as it looks great on mobile screens. There is no additional setup time for this either.


10. Good Minimal

This is one of my favourite looking WordPress themes as it is so minimal and clean and it is also useful for a variety of purposes. Again, looks great on mobile devices.

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