Top 45 Best Looking Websites Of 2011 and 2012

Website design is something that is always changing and every year, things look better and better in the online world. Despite the fact that we are only a few months into the year of 2011, there have been some interesting developments in the website design world and here are 45 of the best looking websites of 2011.

1. IWC

This website is quite a simple website and it is mainly white but it fills the window nicely and is really clear. Click here to visit the website.

2. Pointless Corp

This website is actually a collection of ideas all in opne place and the site is really vibrant looking. Click here to visit the website.

3. Nordkapp

This website is mainly a black and white website and this really adds to the great look of the site. Click here to visit the website.

4. Waterlife

This is a fantastic looking website for Waterlife that has been made in Flash and features a cool animation. Click here to visit the website.

5. Genes Sausage Shop

This website for Genes Sausage Shop really shows off the business in question through a nice looking website with great pictures and slideshows. Click here to visit the website.

6. Lukes Beard

This is actually a blog for one man and the design of the website really stands out using big letters. Click here to visit the website.

7. Monoface

This is a really simple website once again and has a modern look to it with a white background and a large image of a face. Click here to visit the website.

8. KyleSteed

This is the personal website for a designer and it is one of my personal favourites. Click here to visit the website.

9. Cuban Council

This website is set out in quite a mish mash kind of way but that is all part of its unique design and it works. Click here to visit the website.

10. Dave Werner

This is a website for a personal portfolio of Dave Werner and it is made in flash and is a great example of modern website design. Click here to visit the website.

11. Nike Better

This is my absolute favourite website on this list and we can always rely on nike to have great looking site. Click here to visit the website.

12. Hungarian Wine

Hungarian wines are some of the finest in the world and this website adds a great design to an online store selling the wines. Click here to visit the website.

13. Beautiful type

This website is extremely simple, straighforward and effective. Click here to visit the website.

14. HBO

HBO’s website has recently undergone a makeover and the site now really focuses on their shows. Click here to visit the website.

15. Get the glass

Once again this is a website design that is really simple and really effective without too much clutter. Click here to visit the website.

16. Team Viget

This is a really great looking website that carries its space theme extremely well and stands out amongst the crowd.


17. Kennedys

This website has to be one of the most unique website designs of 2011 with its retro looking design. However, it is also one of the best looking.


18. Cory Etzkorn

This is a personal website that is exceptionally unique as well as being simple. The website has just a work, blog and about section and looks great.


19. Food Sense

This is a really simple looking website that has been extremely well designed. It is very basic with its white colour scheme but well thought out.


20. Kooba

This is another one of my personal favourite website designs of the year as it is extremely well designed and thought out. The colour scheme works particularly well.


21. SF Dok 360

This website is a german website and personally, I can’t read it but one thing that does shine through is the exceptional design of the website.


22. Jolena

This is another exceptionally well designed German website that is aimed towards children. The website has a unique but clean look that would make the designer proud.


23. Upon a fold

This website is a little bit different looking but it is designed with a lot of thought. The website is quite simple and mellow and works well for what it is trying to achieve.



This is the website for an actors studio theatre and it is relatively simple. The website has a standard navigation bar on the left and content on the right but it looks great.


25. One Million trees

This is a really unique website that has been completely designed around the whole concept of the website. It looks great and works well.


26. Me and Oli

This website is a website that doesnt really conform to the usual website rules as it is quite random. However, it works well and is still easy to navigate.


27. Sage Fly Flish

This is a simple online store selling fishing products but it is one of the most well designed online stores we have come across.


28. This Mans Life

This website has a lot of personality to it despite the layout of the website being relatively standard. It is a great portfolio website.


29. Yoke

This website is another portfolio website that has been well thought out and looks extremely calm and mellow. The website designer has put alot of work into this one.


30. Poogans Porch

This is a website for a restaurant that is absolutely exceptional. The design of the website represents the restaurant perfectly and is an overall great design.


31. Archikon

This is a stunning looking website that uses CSS3 and throws the traditional website design out of the window. It looks great on any resolution screen and is still easy to navigate.


32. Two Arms Inc

This website looks absolutely stunning which is surprising as it is very simple. The design is really down to earth and uses subtle colours and tones. Check it out as it is a great example of web design done right!


33. Simply Amplify

This is a website that is absolutely stunning in terms of design and once again uses the great capabilities of CSS3. The website once again isn’t very traditional but looks fantastic!


34. Modern Ink Magazine

This website design is a great example of clean, well thought out design. The website design itself is simple but is brought to life with rich images and graphics.


35. TrentWalton

This is a great example of clever and simple website design that uses CSS3 to create a few nifty and cool looking parts such as the Workspace logo that moves on rollover.


36. Dave Gamache

This website deserves to be on this list simply because of the stunning thing that happens when you scroll down the page. Look at the Craftsman logo as you scroll!


37. CreateDM

This is a website of a company that actually creates apps for Android and iPhone and the website is a great example of a clean, down to earth portfolio. The website has a border to it as well, which surprisingly works well.


38. Kicksend

This is a really colourful but also really well thought out design that is not overly complex and grabs your attention. The website has clear, defined buttons so you know what you are doing.


39. The Neighbourhood

This is another great design that has some cool scroll action. The top of the website disappears and leaves room for the content on scroll. Check it out.


40. Lake Nona

This website makes it into the list for the stunning use of CSS3 for the navigation menu. On rollover, the rest of the website gets sent to the background of your mind as you browse the menu. Clever!


41. We are Royale

This is a seriously well designed website that makes use of HTML5 and CSS3 to create a clean, and modern look. The website uses big, bold and colourful images to stand out.


42. Edits Quarterly

This website is an innovative masterpiece. The website actually uses the arrow keys and esc key to navigate around it. Great on a laptop of desktop, but what about tablets?


43. Neighbourhood Studio

This website uses a design that is becoming extremely popular on the web which is a tiled design. Take a look at the home page and you will see what we mean. It works well on this site.


44. Field Notes

This is a bit of a strange looking website at first and once again throws usual design out of the window. The website uses the keyboard for navigation again and once you start using it, it is quite intuitive.


45. BERG Cloud

This is the website for the company that is behind a genius invention called the little printer. The website is simple and clean and branded well to the product.

10 thoughts on “Top 45 Best Looking Websites Of 2011 and 2012

  1. Hi, thanks for mentioning our website. Just one little remark: Jolena is not a German website, we’re from Belgium and so is our designer (Veerle Pieters) :)

    Best regards,

  2. Agreed, above web designs are really good and inspirational. Now days web designers are using broad and different colors for more attractive websites, color combination play a very important role and above examples proves it.

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