Top 3 JQuery Countdown Scripts


When it comes to launching a website, there will often be a launch date in mind and there are also often events that have a launch date. This is where countdowns often will come in on websites and they are used all over the world to let visitors know that the site will be launching soon. Countdowns are fantastic for this as they are really simple and look great for a landing page. However, there are a number of different scripts out there to create these, so which are the best? Here are just a few:

  1. Countdown/Construction Script: This is a small script that is available to purchase from the CodeCanyon website and it looks absolutely fantastic. The script is really well put together and has a flip calendar style interface. You will probably have seen countdowns like this on many websites before and this script gives you the chance to have it on your own website for just a few dollars. This is well worth it if you are counting down to your launch date.
  2. Fancy Countdown: This is another really nice looking JQuery countdown script that is available from the same CodeCanyon website. This is available for just a few dollars and it has the appearance of a digital clock. This is a great script that even allows you to change time zones and much more. You can customise this in a number of ways including the colour scheme and there are also many other options.
  3. Under Construction: This is another really neat script available at CodeCanyon and it is basically a pre-designed construction page for a website. The great thing about this is that it looks absolutely fantastic right out of the box but there are also a number of ways to customise it. You can add facebook details and subscription options to the script to allow your visitors to have at least some interaction.

Countdown pages always go down well with visitors and when they are as cheap as these three scripts above, there really is no reason not to have one.

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