Top 3 Photoshop Photo Manipulations for Inspiration

Photoshop is one of the best programs out there when it comes to photo editing and this is really because there are endless possibilities as to what you are able to do with it. There are some people out there that really go the whole way with photo editing in Photoshop and manipulate the photos to create stunning results. Here are some of the most inspiring photos out there as examples of this. Enjoy!

  1. VWBeetle: This is a fantastic photo manipulation that sees a beetle combined with the beetle car. The photo is clearly a combination of two photos; one of the beetle car and one of the beetle that has been cleverly combined to make the beetle car into the insect that we see on the photo. This is a great example of Photoshop Photo manipulation at its best.
  2. Lens Cleaner: Lens are one of the tools that is required to take a great photo with any good camera and here, we have quite a humorous photo manipulation of someone cleaning the lens of a camera as it they were cleaning the windows of a house. Once again, this is the manipulation and combination of two photos and it works perfectly in this photo. There is even a reflection of the cleaner in the lens of the camera; this shows that there has been a lot of care taken with the photo manipulation. One of the best touches of the photo is the mop that is leaning on the lens. Take a look.
  3. Bread Hut: This is one of the bets photo manipulations out there as it looks absolutely fantastic. This is basically a photo of a loaf of brown bread that has been manipulated to look like an African bread hut. Again, there has been a lot of care taken with this photo as it look extremely realistic and there is little evidence of Photoshop manipulation, although it is clearly not real.

There are many more examples of great photo manipulation out there and one of the best places to look is on DeviantArt.

You may also want to look for Stock Photography for editing is a great choice, there is also a great Photography forum called

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