10 Best Dreamweaver Alternatives of 2012

Dreamweaver is one of the most widely used programs in website design but there are actually a number of other HTML editors out there that would do the job just as well. Dreamweaver is also a particularly expensive editor so you might wonder, why are you paying all of that money for Dreamweaver when there might be a program out there for less. Well, we have rounded up some of the best Dreamweaver alternatives of 2012.


#1 – EditPlus

EditPlus is a very compact HTML editor that has been developed by the ES-Computing company. It allows you to edit HTML, PHP, Java and much more. There are also a number of great features such as code auto-completion, shortcuts and more. Oh, and it is only $35.


#2 – CoffeeCup HTML Editor

This is another very popular alternative to Dreamweaver and it is easy to see why. It has a price tag of just $49 and it has a validation tool, CSS menu builder, templates and more. The workspace is very nice too and this is probably the best alternative you will find.


#3 – TopStyle 4

TopStyle 4 is a very unique editor as it only supports HTML and CSS. There are so many programming languages out there now, that it is a big move by TopStyle to do this. The result is a relatively basic, but uncluttered HTML editor. It is $79.


#4 – Best Address HTML Editor

This is a piece of software created by Multimedia Australia, a relatively well known company in the world of programming. This features a WYSIWYG editor and many other visual elements that would be perfect for those new to coding. It has HTML tutorials too. It costs $54.95.


#5 – Komodo IDE 5.2

We are sure that nearly all of you will have heard of Komodo as it is one of the biggest names out there when it comes to coding. There are a tonne of feature sin this software including auto-complete code, multi-user support and more.


#6 – phpDesigner 7

Ok, so this isn’t strictly a HTML editor, but you can edit HTML with it too. This piece of software allows you to edit PHP mainly, which is what a lot of dynamic sites are built on these days as you will know. It is absolutely packed with features and costs just $39.


#7 – CSE HTML Validator

This piece of software is actually an award winning HTML editor that allows you to check CSS, HTML and XHTML easily. It is very powerful and looks great too. CSE HTML Validator is just $69.


#8 – Expression Web 3

Expression Web 3 is quite a costly alternative to Dreamweaver, coming in at $149.95. However, it has many features including FTP access, visual design, and integration with many other programs including Photoshop.


#9 – Web Studio 5

Web Studio 5 is another quite costly alternative at $159.99 but it includes a WYSIWYG editor and a built-in web browser too. You can also create and store macros within the software.


#10 – Notepad

Lastly, we have my personal favourite. Notepad comes as standard on any PC and it is probably the best HTML editor out there. It doesn’t auto complete or have any fancy features, but it will teach you to become a very quick and efficient coder.

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