10 Of The Best Analytic’s Tools For Webmasters

Aside from the Google Analytics tool, a lot of people don’t really thing about analytics on their website. This is wrong as there are a lot of other great analytics programs out there that you should be using. We have rounded up a list of some of the best analytics programs that you might want to consider.


1. Google Analytics

Ok, so let’s get this one out of the way to start. Google Analytics is a great program when it comes to analytics programs. It has all of the features you really need for your website and should be installed as standard really.


2. Yahoo Web Analytics

Yahoo also have their own Analytics system that you can incorporate into your website. It is free and offers a lot of the insights that Google offers, and more in some instances.


3. CrazyEgg

Crazy Egg is basically an app that will build heatmaps from your website to see where your visitors are clicking. This is always a useful Analytic to have as you can then structure your design better for your site. It does cost a fair bit though.


4. Compete

This is a really cool Analytics system that will actually inform you on your competitors. It will also show you exactly how your visitors got to your website in the first place. Great for determining which marketing efforts need for money/attention.


5. Optimizely

Ok, so this is a really cool tool that will actually allow you to get a lot from your A/B testing on your website. It will let you know what you can do to improve your site based on the findings from the testing.


6. KissInsights

Yet another cool Analytics tool, KissInsights will allow you to incorporate a customised feedback form on your website to see what your visitors think. This is a very powerful analytics system.



This is another free analytics system that will allow you to incorporate a free online survey into your website and figure out if your visitors are happy or not. A great tool once again.


8. ClickTale

I really love this system as it actually analyses every click that your visitors make on your website so you can see the path they take. It also creates heat maps and much more.



As you will already know, the social side of things is now something that you have to put a lot of attention on. This system will allow you to see the engagement on Twitter and how things are going for you.


10. Facebook Insights

Again, much like the Twitalyzer system mentioned above, you need to ensure you check user engagement on Facebook too. Facebooks tool for this is their Insights system and it is very powerful if you learn to use it properly. It is free too.

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  1. Google Analytics has made some recent updates to their service that are pretty cool. I would suggest taking a look at all the new features.

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