10 Of The Best Android Apps For Webmasters

Android phones are now almost as popular as the Apple iPhone device and although there is a lot of information on great apps for the iPhone around online, there is very little information on great apps for the Android phones. Now, we have rounded up some of the best apps for webmasters out there for Android devices, and here they are! Enjoy!
1. Blogger

Blogging is a fantastic past time for a lot of people out there and it is also something that a lot of webmasters will do on a regular basis. This app is great for blogging on the move using Blogger and is a must have for many webmasters.


2. GAnalyticz

Google Analytics is by far the most powerful analytics program out there and is used by millions of webmasters. Now, you can keep track of your websites from your Android phone with ease using this fantastic app.


3. WordPress

WordPress is a popular blogging platform and the Android app will allow you to keep track of your WordPress blog with ease. Add new posts, edit content and much more using this open source Android app.


4. Adobe Photoshop Express

Photoshop is a favourite for website designers and web developers on the PC and Mac, and now, you can use it on Android too with the express version. This allows you to edit photos and content anywhere you are with ease.


5. AndFTP

This app is great for adding files to your server on the move or editing things. AndFTP is a secure, Android based FTP client that will make managing your website easier than ever.


6. Magic Color Picker

Colour schemes are one of the most essential parts to any great design and this application will make choosing these colours easier than ever, right on your Android device. This is an easy to use app that is a must have for all designers, artists and webmasters.


7. PdaNet

This app is a really great idea that will allow your computer to go online through the internet connection that you have with your Android phone. It supports Bluetooth as well as Mac’s and PC’s.


8. Dolphin Browser HD

Dolphin Browser HD is basically an alternative web browser for your Android device. This web browser has won a lot of awards and has consistently been voted as one of the best mobile web browsers on the market. It uses gestures and much more to control things.


9. View Web Source

Now, we are sure that almost every web developer will have something similar to this app on their computer but now, you can do it all from your Android phone. Analyse the code easily with View web source.


10. Webrank SEO

A must have for SEO’s, webrank SEO is a free tool for Android phones that will allow SEO’s to analyse websites in just one click. You can see PageRank, Indexing information and much more.

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