10 Of The Best Freelance Websites Of 2012

Freelancing is a great way to work. You can work your own hours and choose the jobs that you actually want to do. However, a lot of people also have a lot of problems when it comes to getting work. This doesn’t have to be the case however as there are some great freelance websites out there where you can obtain some great work. Here are 10 of the best freelance websites of 2012.


1. Odesk

Of course, we couldn’t make a freelance websites list without mentioning oDesk. ODesk is probably the most well known freelancing website out there and this is for good reason, it is because it is simply one of the best. We recommend all freelancers start here!


2. ELance

This is another well known freelancing website and it is pretty widely used too. All that you have to do in order to be able to post for work on this website is pass a few tests. There have been hundreds of millions of dollars paid out already on this website.


3. People Per Hour

This is a great freelance website that is often missed out when people talk about freelance sites online. The truth is that it shouldn’t be as it is also one of the very best freelance websites out there. Projects are usually paid on a per hour basis.


4. Project 4 Hire

This website is pretty similar to the Elance website (although it isn’t quite as well known). You can actually get yourself signed up and have jobs posted on this website in just a few minutes so it is well worth looking into.


5. FreeIndex

Believe it or not, this isn’t just a business directory and you can actually get some great work from this website. There are regular postings for projects, especially when it comes to things like web design so it is worth checking out.


6. Freelancer

This is a great website if you want to get a freelancer (as the title suggests) which also means it is a great website if you are a freelancer. This is a great choice for website designers and programmers out there as it really does offer a lot in these areas.


7. vWorker

This is another website that often goes unnoticed and it really shouldn’t once again. Sure, the design of the website might not be as user friendly as some of the others but it is still a great website to join if you are a freelancer.


8. Sitereviver

This is a website that is actually brand new to 2012 but it looks extremely promising and we can see it being one of the best freelance sites out there in no time at all. Sitereviver is very simple to use and it is free to post your jobs too.


9. PHP Codelance

This is a website that is aimed at PHP freelancers which is great if this is your speciality. There are a lot of great PHP programmers on this website however so you better make sure that you know your stuff if you are going to compete.


10. Warrior Forum

Sure, this might not necessary be a freelance website by definition but it is a great place to post your products and services. Warrior forum does charge for each posting, but you will more than definitely make money back when it comes to this site.

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