10 Of The Best Landing Page Designs 2012

Landing pages are designed to get visitors to do something when they visit your website. Landing pages need to convert well in order to get customers out of those visitors. This really is an art as there is no exact science behind doing this. There are some stunning looking landing pages out there however if you are looking for inspiration and here and a few of them.


1. TeaRound

This is a really cool looking landing page that is very simple in its design. The page is very interactive and because it isn’t cluttered, visitors will have no choice but to click the sign up button at the bottom of the page or get the app.


2. Club Divot

This landing page has a great design that really fits in with the theme of the website. It gives you the information you really need and then gives you various call-to-action buttons.


3. Strawberry Jam

I really love this landing page as it is just so simple. Above the fold is the option to sign up to the email and the colours used are great. It still conforms to the landing page design theory, but manages to look great.


4. Dribbblr

A lot of app websites are designed as landing pages and this is one of them. This is a very simple design that gives you two call-to-actions; tweet or get the app. Very well done.


5. CleverScale

This landing page uses a lot of white space and at first glance, doesn’t really appear to be a landing page. However, it gives you the brief information you need and then gives a call-to-action.


6. Mammoth Property Reservations

This website has had some landing page design theory incorporated into it, although it isn’t necessarily entirely a landing page. However, it does get you to find your vacation rental as there isn’t much else to click on.


7. Square app

This is possibly my favourite landing page on the entire list. It is so simple in its design and uses great imagery to get your attention. The sign up is clear and well thought out.


8. Wistia

This landing page makes use of a video which is always good for getting conversions. Right next to the video is a call-to-action and it is all above the fold. Great.


9. ShallIBuy.it

Yet another app now and yet another well designed landing page. This is a very simple page design with great images and everything above the fold. There is only one button which is to get the app.


10. Giftrocket

This landing page is yet another of my personal favourites. The design is stunning and the call-to-action button is clear but still fits in with the design. A great example of stunning landing pages designs.

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