10 Of The Best Minimal Printed Advertising Examples

When it comes to advertising your business forums, unfortunately, there is a lot to think about. One of the things that you will probably have to think about if your online based business becomes quite large is print based advertising. Now, we see tonnes of this on a day to day basis but there have been a few ads over the years that have stood out. Here are a few of the most minimal, but extremely impactful print advertising designs ever.


1. McDonald’s Wi-Fries

This is one of our favourite adverts of all time to advertise Wi-Fi at McDonalds restaurants. As you can see, there is very little to the ad apart from a few of the classic McDonalds French fries creating a Wi-Fi logo.


2. McDonalds Medium

This is another advert from the huge McDonalds corporation as their advertising is usually pretty spot on and minimal. This ad is advertising the medium range of products on offer from McDonalds and is once again, minimal.


3. WWF Panda

WWF is an organisation that has been set up to help panda’s and this extremely minimal ad has a n amazing effect. The ad slogan states “Save Trees. Save wildlife” along with an image of a panda made from tree leaves.


4. Smoking Outside

This is a really great, minimal ad that promotes smoking outside. The ad features a photo of a n ashtray with the cigarette facing outside of the ashtray. A minimal and genius marketing concept.


5. Levi’s Slim Jeans

Levi are one of the biggest producers of jeans in the world and this ad targets their slim jeans ranges. The ad features stick men and women with levi jeans labels on their legs. Very minimal and smart.


6. Samsung

Samsung are absolutely incredible at advertising these days and their ad for the “knock-out speakers” that came with a Smartphone of theirs is very smart, featuring a boxing music note.


7. Folding bike

This ad is advertising a folding bike and features a very minimal ad in which there is a folding bike pictured in the right bottom corner of a folder piece of paper. Very clever indeed.


8. Audi Easy Park

I really love this ad from Audi and it is so simple. The ad is for an easy park system that is installed on Audi’s and it features a child’s shape toy with a hole for the Audi car.


9. Plant for Planet

This ad is showing the effects that carbon dioxide has on our atmosphere and features a feature with a cut out of a power plant inside it. This is a great design that shows how much of an effect we are having.


10. Olay

This is perhaps the most minimal of all the ads we’ve featured today and it comes from Olay. The ad is for a product called Undo and features the CTRL + Z buttons. Computer nerds will understand this one.

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