10 Of The Best Mobile Optimised WordPress Themes of 2012

One of the areas that is of huge importance these days when it comes to creating a website is that you make sure to optimise for mobile devices. Doing this is getting easier and easier every day and now, there are a number of WordPress themes out there that have this functionality built in. So, here are 10 of the best mobile optimised WordPress themes of 2012.



This is a stunning looking theme that has been optimised to work well on a desktop, iPad, iPhone and almost any other mobile device. The responsive layout means it works perfectly on any screen too.


Bellissima WooCommerce

Of course, you need to make sure that your eCommerce website is also optimised for mobile devices and the Bellissima WooCommerce theme does this. It looks stunning and works on all iOS devices and any other device too.



This has to be one of the best looking WordPress themes of all time and best of all, it looks perfect on all devices including mobile and iOS devices due to its responsive layout. This really is a stunning theme.



If you have a business, then this would be a great theme for you as it looks absolutely stunning, yet is also fully responsive and works well on any screen size including mobiles and tablets. The design is incredible.



This is another one of the best eCommerce responsive, mobile optimised themes out there as it looks absolutely stunning. This would be incredible for a fashion website or a clothing site perhaps.



This is a relatively new theme to be released but it is certainly one of the best too. The responsive design looks absolutely astonishing on all devices including the iPad and iPhone. It is a brilliantly colourful design too.



BigFormat is another astonishing looking theme that is perfect for showing of your portfolio. The theme works incredibly well on all devices as it has been mobile optimised with a responsive layout.



This is a really nice looking theme that allows you to customise it a lot too. You can set different backgrounds for each page and much more. The way it looks on mobile devices is stunning too.



This is actually a wordpress landing page that has been optimised for all devices using a responsive layout. The theme is great looking and is bound to bring a high conversion rate to your website too.



If you are a photographer or wish to show off your portfolio in any way, this is the theme for you. Not only is this an absolutely stunning looking theme, but it also has support for all mobile devices as well as video

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