10 Of The Best Webmaster Related Infographics Of 2012

Infographics are a fantastic way to build links and they are also a great source of information. This is why they build links of course. There are so many infographics out there that you will often see a lot of quite poor ones, but there are also some gems. We have collected some of the best webmaster related infographics out there for your inspiration. Enjoy!


1. Generating leads with SEO

This is an inforgraphic that has been created by Futuresimple.com and it contains a great source of information about how you can use SEO in order to generate more leads. The information in this infographic is great and very link worthy.


2. Website load times

This is a fantastic infographic from newrelic.com and it has details on how the loading times of websites actually effect us. There are a few interesting statistics on this infographic including the fact that the average person spends 10 minutes per day waiting for the web.


3. Content for SEO

This is one of my favourite infographics from brafton.com as it contains information about why content is necessary for SEO. This infographic looks great and the information and statistics in the graphic are fantastic too.


4. Website testing

This infographic on the subject of website testing comes from monetate and it talks about the various tests that you should be doing on your website and how to do them. It also talks about what you should test and much more.


5. SEO salary guide

This is a really interesting infographic from onwardsearch.com and it contains information about the salaries of SEO professionals in the United States. Some of the numbers are pretty surprising too.


6. Social media jobs salaries

This is an infographic that is very similar to the SEO one above, only it has information on social media jobs. The graphic looks stunning and has some fantastic information too. It comes from onwardsearch.com once again.


7. The desktop is dead

This infographic talks about how the desktop computer is dead and it has been created by trexdesignhosting.co.uk. The graphic is really simple and to the point but has some cracking information nonetheless.


8. SEO vs Pay per click

This is a really interesting infographic that has been created by seoforidaho.com and features a really simple and to the point design. The infographic has a lot of great statistics on which is better and is well worth a look.


9. Social media hierarchy

This is a really interesting subject for an infographic and it is brought to us by ticsyformacion.com. The infographic talks about what each social media website should be used for which is great for those new to this world.


10. How to make money on the internet

This is a really great infographic that has been created by fastcompany.com and it talks about how to make money on the internet (a very sought after topic). The design is simple and the information is great.

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