10 Of The Best WordPress Security Plugins

WordPress is one of the most widely used blogging platform sin the world which presents a problem. Much like the widely used Windows operating system, WordPress is susceptible to security issues. The good news is that there are a lot of plug-ins available for the wordpress platform that tackle these issues including the 10 that we have listed below. We believe these are some of the best.


Bulletproof Security

Bulletproof security will ensure that your wp-admin folder is as secure as possible which is one of the most susceptible folders in your WordPress installation. It has a one click install and protects against a host of hackers.


Antivirus for WordPress

WordPress, much like any other system, is prone to viruses. This plug-in allows you to minimise the risk as it stops spam injections, viruses and many other risks. The plug-in is easy to use and also blocks malware and worms.


WordPress File Monitor

This is a really neat plug-in that will let you know about any of the changes that are made to files on your site by sending you a quick email. It can also help you to remove any infected code too.



Blackhole traps bad bots. There are a number of autobots crawling the internet every day trying to find sites to run automated tasks on, tasks that are usually not good for your site. This plug-in basically stops them from causing harm.


AskApache Password Protector

This plug-in will block malicious attempts at hacking your site as well as spam. It works by adding multi-layer security to your database without controlling anything within your WordPress blog.


Defenso Anti-Spam

This is perhaps one of the best anti-spam plug-ins for WordPress that filters spam allowing you to have less of those annoying, keyword comments that you get with WordPress. It has a lot of features too.


WP Security Scan

I love this plug-in as it is so simple and so effective. It basically allows you to find possible vulnerabilities in your site within seconds. Run it regularly and you will seriously cut down on problems.



Another plug-in for getting rid of spammy comments is NoSpamNX. This basically adds a couple of fields to your comments section that are invisible, allowing you to find spambots and block them.



This plug-in does what it says on the tin, it manages your WP database. It allows you to backup your database and also optimise it in a number of ways. Drop empty tables, restore it, repair it and more.


WordPress Firewall 2

WordPress Firewall stops obvious intruders from gaining access to your WordPress website. This is a plug-in that should be installed on your WordPress website as it protects from a number of common problems.


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