Choosing the right company when choosing your domain

One of the things that is extremely important when you are looking to launch a new website is the name of the website. There are a lot of different names that you can opt for when choosing a name for your website and you will need to make sure that the name is relevant to your websites purpose or the service/product that you offer. This might sound like an easy thing to do but you have to remember that a lot of different domain names have already been taken by other websites these days so finding a good domain name will require a great tool. is a great domain name search tool and domain name generator tool as it allows you to see an instant search result for your domain name that you desire. When you type a domain name suggestion into the search box on the website, it will quickly let you know whether that domain name is available or not and which extensions are available. By extensions, we mean .com, .org, .info  etc.

Design of the website

The thing that makes a lot different to man other websites out there that allow you to search for domain names is the instant search option. This is a great feature that makes searching for domains much easier and much quicker than ever as it saves you a lot of time pressing the ‘Search’ button like on other websites. However, if you find that for any reason you don’t like the instant search option, you can always turn it off with a quick check of a button.

The design of website really makes searching for a domain extremely easy and because there is no other clutter on the website, it really makes the experience a lot more enjoyable.

Buying a domain

As well as allowing you to check whether the domain names that you desire is actually available to register, the website will allow you too quickly and easily register the domain name. Once you have found the one you want, simply hover over the name and the website will give you a few options of how you can acquire the domain name. You will be given three ways of registering the domain name, one of them will be through, one through Yahoo and the other through network solutions. The PCNames website will display the price of registering your domain name in dollars so you can quickly see how much it is going to cost you.

As well as this, the PCNames website also gives you the option of getting the domain for free when you take up a website hosting plan with one of two different website hosting companies. You will be able to get the domain name for free when you register for a website hosting plan with either Inmotion web hosting or website hosting.


Overall, the website provides a really quick and easy way to find available domains and an easy way to perform a domain name registration; either with, or without a website hosting plan.  There is also a Pro version of the website that will allow you to view many more details.

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