Google Launches Plus +1 for Websites

It is common knowledge that adding social features to your website will have a dramatic impact on the traffic that you receive and the quality of that traffic. Currently, there are things such as the tweet button and the Facebook ‘Like’ button that allow people to vote for your sites content as well as recommend it to their friends. Now, Google has joined in on the social act with the launch of its new Plus + 1 service for websites.

The new Google Plus + 1 service will directly compete with the Facebook ‘Like’ button as it works in almost the same way. The Google Plus +1 button can be added to your site like the Facebook ‘Like’ button and any other buttons and when clicked by the visitors, it will count as a vote using the Google social platform. When you click the Google Plus + 1 button on a piece of content or a page, it will allow all of your friends that are connected to you via Google to see that you have voted for a specific piece of content. Google hopes that this will make finding good quality content much easier than before and they are also applying it to their search results.

The Google Plus + 1 button is currently still being rolled out by Google but they have plans to make the button show up in search results, allowing you to Plus + 1 a website there and then. It will also show up if someone that you know has already Plus +1’d the content and this will help you make a more informed decision as to which content to click on.

There is no doubt that the new Google Plus + 1 button will be big news for SEO’s and Web Developers out there and it is already being described as a nightmare by some who say that it is difficult to implement and get it to play nicely with the other buttons. The question with the button is will it replace the Facebook ‘Like’ button in time and is Google planning the launch of their own social network in the near future that will use the button also? The answer is that only time will tell but we urge and SEO’s or Web developers to get equipped with the button asap.

One thought on “Google Launches Plus +1 for Websites

  1. Just some more useless stuff to clog up web pages even more. :P

    Hopefully Google +1 doesn’t lag like Facebook like button when it comes to loading. Don’t really know as I haven’t come across a site with the +1 feature on it yet.

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