Top Tips to get listed in Dmoz Directory

Since there has been alot of talk with you guys on how to submit to Dmoz ill give a couple of steps that i do in the Directory submission. First things first , check your site to make sure its of the highest quality it can be, I.e no broken links anywhere, all content is […]

Random Thought!

As I laid in my bed this weekend feeling very sorry for myself (well I did have Man Flu!”) the strangest thought entered my mind…. You know when you speak to someone on the phone or even converse on a Forum, for some reason you create a picture of the person you are talking to […]

TriPHP Blog now open!

Welcome to TriPHP Blog. Finally I have got round to installing this. I hope this will prove a valuable addition the the rest of the TriPHP site. Your comments,views,suggestions and input will be very much appreciated. TriPHP Blog will become more useful the more the database grows. Please let others know about this Blog by […]