Top 3 most popular blogs for your inspiration

If you are thinking of starting your own blog, it is actually extremely easy to do as you can simply install WordPress or a similar platform and you are good to go. However, there is nothing unique about your blog if you choose to do this and we know that some of the most successful blogs out there are the ones that offer something a little different or that have a good design. When you are looking to create a blog, you should always look at other blogs for inspiration in the same way that you would look at other industry websites if you were designing a website. Here are some of the most successful and popular blogs out there to inspire you:

  1. Huffington Post – We all know about this blog I am sure as it was started quite a while ago now by just one woman. Although the website started out small, it was a big hit with people all around the world and this is what allowed the owner to sell it to Rupert Murdoch’s company for millions of dollars. The website has around 54,000,000 monthly visitors according to the estimated visitors rank which is a hell of a lot! The blog is a news website which adds to its popularity.
  2. Engadget – This is the perfect example of a blog that is aimed at the technology market. The website has a stunning design and has been around years. The site is however quite simple and focuses on one particular area and that is technology news and reviews. This means that the site is simple and easy to read through and has great information. The site is actually owned by AOL.
  3. PerezHilton – This is another example of a blog that was started by just one person and the reason that this got so famous is because of the person running it. The blog focuses on celebrity news and gets millions of visitors every single month. The website really does revolve around Perez Hilton himself.

These are all great examples and great inspiration for blogs, however, you shouldn’t just copy these and you should try and make your blog unique instead.

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