Top 4 Social Media iPhone Apps of 2011

When it comes to keeping in touch with the modern world, social media is the best way to go about it and luckily, you aren’t bound to your computer anymore and there are applications for a variety of phones out there that will allow you to communicate on the move. One of the best phones for applications is the iPhone and there are some fantastic applications for social media. Here are some of the best for this year:

  1. Facebook – Despite this application having a bad reputation in the app store, it has to be downloaded if you have an iPhone. This is not so much one of the best apps out there for social media but it is needed as Facebook is the major player in terms of Social media at the moment. This app does have a few bugs here and there but most of the time, works well.
  2. Google Plus – This is an app that has only recently been made available in the app store and for the first attempt, it is a very good effort. Google Plus is also new at the moment and this app has been designed extremely well. It responds extremely quickly and has been designed in an intuitive way. Many believe that Google Plus will be the next Facebook, in which case, you need to get in now to stay on top.
  3. Hootsuite – This is a must have app if you need to really manage a social media campaign as it will allow you to keep your eye on both Twitter, Facebook and many other social networking websites. You can also sign into multiple accounts, post shortened links and even schedule posts. This is a great app for the iPhone that is free.
  4. Tweetdeck – This remains one of the bets social media apps for the iPhone and it is also available for the PC and Mac. This allows you to keep your Twitter account in check as well as your Facebook account and works extremely well. Once again, it is free of charge,.

There are many other great social media apps out there including the Twitter app as well as other Facebook apps. It is a case of seeing which work best for you.

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  1. Social Media one of the biggest parts of internet life. Today social media playing important role in our life either for making fun or purchasing new stuff.

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